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Strategic Automotive Services LLC

Strategic Automotive Services is a diversified automotive consulting company, providing solutions for automotive dealerships throughout the U.S, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

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GA Dent Repair LLC

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is the “art” of removing dents and dings from automobile sheet metal with the use of specially designed tools.

What we do...

Dealership Assessment

Most sessions begin with what your business is currently experiencing. This assessment normally requires two to three days to ascertain what your current status is versus what we believe can be accomplished. We believe in focusing on the strategy of People, Processes and Appointments.

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Best Practices

Improvement and success is expected when utilizing a library of over 250 proven “Best Practices” learned from over 40 years experience from successful dealers and manufacturers. Our Expertise is in determining, with your input, on how many and which “Best Practices” will best suite your style.

Areas of Expertise

  1. New & Used Operations
  2. Managing Vehicle Inventory
  3. Service
  4. Parts
  5. Management & Administration

Mergers & Acquisitions

  1. Confidential, Professional and Experienced
  2. A comprehensive list of buyers and sellers
  3. Confidentially assists in all areas of a buy/sell transaction

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About Ken Wambold

With Strategic Automotive Services LLC as your partner, you can experience improvement in your net profitability, by utilizing 40 years of experience and expertise of founder Ken Wambold. Through our commitment to your success, our processes and training will provide the improvement in your profitability you have been looking for.Whether buying or selling your dealerships, Strategic Automotive Services LLC is professionally staffed to assist with your merger and acquisition needs. Our goal is to provide professional and confidential services to bring the buyer and seller together in a timely fashion.

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